Summer Camp Update - 26 Days to go!

Summer Camp Update, June 21, 2022  

Camp Update - June 21, 2022

Can you believe we are only 26 days away from camp this year? Your camp team has been busy preparing the activities and program ready for your arrival and we can't wait. It's going to be one of the largest camps we've had and we are all excited to get started!

In this update there are a few things that you may have seen before, and we want to make sure everyone arrives on time and is fully prepared, so please take a few minutes to read through the information and as always, please feel free to reach out to any member of our team with questions..

When Does Camp Start?

Youth campers arrive at Camp Woodlands for camp registration between 9am and 10am on Sunday 17th July, 2022. Yes, that's right, we start on a Sunday this year! Please bring with you the Code of Conduct and Camp Rules signed by the camper to hand in at registration.

Any personal medication should be labeled clearly and placed in a clear ziplock bag that can be presented to our onsite nurse. Medication will be administered under the supervision of the camp nurse as needed and documented.

When Should I Get Picked Up?

The pickup time for campers is 6.30pm on Saturday 23rd July, at the registration gate. Campers will walk out from camp to meet parents.

Do I Need My Uniform?

Yes! Everyone should arrive in their full uniform to camp. We welcome campers in uniform and hold a formal scout opening once all campers are on site. Please bring your uniform for the official opening and closing.

Overnight Trips

Back on the schedule this year is a choice of overnight trip. Each year we vacate the camp for one night to give our kitchen team a well-earned rest for a few hours! All campers and program staff go off-site on one of three trips, a canoe trip, a mountain hike and a caving trip. If you haven't signed up for one of the overnight trips, please select your choice at

Camp Tee Shirts

Every camper gets a camp tee shirt. If you didn't put your order in for one, we will have one for your youth although it may not be the perfect size! The tee shirt order has been placed so no further orders are being taken.

Camp Logo

We have a camp logo! The logo is on the camp tee shirts and you can see it on our Facebook page and the camp website.

Missing on Mystery Mountain, Summer Camp Fundraiser

Missing on Mystery Mountain

Last year one of our scouters read a story to campers as part of the evening activities. This is now available online to purchase and is about a group of young scouts that stay at Summer Camp and end up in an epic adventure together. All proceeds from the book go directly to the Summer Camp. Find it on Amazon here


The Vancouver island Scout Summer Camp is a semi-wilderness camp and we ask that youth campers leave their electronics at home. That includes games consoles, bluetooth speakers and mobile phones. Electronics easily seem to take over our lives, so a week away from the screen can be a welcome break for many. If your child may feel homesick or need to contact you while they are away, our staff team have a procedure in place to enable access to a phone. Please discourage youth from bringing mobile devices.

Snacks and Food

No need to pack any snacks or food for your child, at camp we have an awesome kitchen team that prepare huge meals for us and caters for any dietary needs identified on your registration form. We occassionally have wild animals near camp so please leave food at home so that we don't attract them in.

Hydrate and Protect!

Please ensure that your camper brings a water bottle (clearly labeled with their name) and a hat they can wear all week. All campers must wear a sun hat unless they are in the water..

Stay in Touch!

We request that all campers leave electronics, iPods, phones, games etc at home for the week of camp. Staff will be contactable on site by cell phone in emergencies at (250) 327-1593 or you can check out the Summer Camp Facebook Page at for updates and photos throughout the week.

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Our Sponsors

The companies and organisations below have been crucial in helping to get the Vancouver Island Scout Summer Camp up and running and many sponsor us year after year with funds to buy new equipment, purchase materials for activities and to fund camp fees for families in financial difficulty. Without their help, we would not be able to offer a camp at the prices we charge and with the activities we offer. Please help us by showing your support and using the services offered y the individual companies or by passing on your thanks to them directly.

Sponsors: Lions Club Of Briitsh Columbia Sponsors: Fit Foods
Sponsors: Modern Pure Air Sponsors: uHaul
Sponsors: Lantzville Rotary Sponsors: Demxx
Sponsors: Windsor Plywood Sponsors: Country Grocer
Sponsors: Island Diesel