Summer Camp Update - July 6, 2022

Summer Camp Update, July 6, 2022  

Camp Update - July 6, 2022

The countdown is on! We are 11 days away from camp!

Please read the information in this email carefully.

Getting Here

Camp Woodlands is located on the shores of Lake Cowichan off Marble Bay Road. You can drive tot he camp gates easily and we will have signs on the road showing you where to turn.
To drive to Camp Woodlands, follow the direction on our website at Access to the camp is via a locked gate, so we will meet you at the gate to sign in youth campers.

Arrival & Registration

Youth campers arrive at Camp Woodlands for camp registration between 9am and 10am on Sunday 17th July, 2022.

Any personal medication should be labeled clearly and placed in a clear ziplock bag that can be presented to our onsite nurse. Medication will be administered under the supervision of the camp nurse as needed and documented.

We will have copies of your registration forms at the registration table and will check if there have been any changes. Please make sure you bring with you a signed copy of your Camp Code of Conduct and Camp Rules. Copies can be found in your registration confirmation email or downloaded from the website at and


Although the pandemic restrictions have been lifted by the Province and Scouts Canada has moved to a lower pandemic threshold, we are going to be living and playing in a close-knit community. To ensure the health and safety of all our campers, we request that campers complete a COVID-19 questionnaire that will be emailed to all youth and staff campers on Friday 15th July, 2022. Please check your emails on the day and respond quickly to make sure we have your response before the camper arrives.

Do I Need My Uniform?

Yes! Everyone should arrive in their full uniform to camp. We welcome campers in uniform and hold a formal scout opening once all campers are on site. Please bring your uniform for the official opening and closing.

Food & Snacks

Please do not bring food or snacks with you to camp. The camp is semi-wilderness and there are wild animals around that we really do not want to attract into camp. Our kitchen team provide an excellent menu and you won't go hungry!

When Should I Get Picked Up?

The pickup time for campers is 6.30pm on Saturday 23rd July, at the registration gate. Campers will walk out from camp to meet parents where they were signed in.

IMPORTANT! What to Bring with You

As we move away from the pandemic restrictions and move slowly back to group activities, we are requesting that all youth bring their own tent rather than share group tents as in previous years. This restriction will likely be lifted in future years. There are a few items we ask youth to bring with them in addition to the Please make sure to review the list carefully so your camper arrives well-prepared.

  • Camp Chair
  • Sun Hat
  • Water Bottle
  • Penknife (locking blade knife only)
  • Headlamp

Youth have been asked to register for an overnight trip on the Wednesday evening. If you have selected the mountain hike, please bring with you a backpack that is large enough to carry your sleeping bag and roll mat and some food items and some sturdy boots/walking shoes. For the canoe trip, please bring a black plastic bag or drysac that you can put your sleeping bag and roll mat into to keep them dry during the trip and for the cavers, please review the Caving Equipment List for additional items.


The Vancouver Island Scout Summer Camp is a semi-wilderness camp and we ask that youth campers leave their electronics at home. That includes games consoles, bluetooth speakers and mobile phones. Electronics easily seem to take over our lives, so a week away from the screen can be a welcome break for many. If your child may feel homesick or need to contact you while they are away, our staff team have a procedure in place to enable access to a phone. Please discourage youth from bringing mobile devices.

Camp Admin

The Camp Administrator will be on site from Friday 15th July, so if you need to contact the administrator for any reason, please text (preferred) to 250-327-1593 or call and leave a message if your call isn't answered immediately. Camp updates and photos will be shared throughout the week on our Facebook page (details below).

Hydrate and Protect!

Please ensure that your camper brings a water bottle (clearly labeled with their name) and a hat they can wear all week. All campers must wear a sun hat unless they are in the water..

Stay in Touch!

We request that all campers leave electronics, iPods, phones, games etc at home for the week of camp. Staff will be contactable on site by cell phone in emergencies at (250) 327-1593 or you can check out the Summer Camp Facebook Page at for updates and photos throughout the week.

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Our Sponsors

The companies and organisations below have been crucial in helping to get the Vancouver Island Scout Summer Camp up and running and many sponsor us year after year with funds to buy new equipment, purchase materials for activities and to fund camp fees for families in financial difficulty. Without their help, we would not be able to offer a camp at the prices we charge and with the activities we offer. Please help us by showing your support and using the services offered y the individual companies or by passing on your thanks to them directly.

Sponsors: Lions Club Of Briitsh Columbia Sponsors: Fit Foods
Sponsors: Modern Pure Air Sponsors: uHaul
Sponsors: Lantzville Rotary Sponsors: Demxx
Sponsors: Windsor Plywood Sponsors: Country Grocer
Sponsors: Island Diesel