Camper Information

We do our best to make sure that everything is prepared for our campers, and have prepared a few suggestions to help our campers get prepared for Summer Camp. The following information may be updated from time to time, so please check back regularly for updates.

Camp Dates

The camp date for 2024 is Sunday 3rd August to Saturday 10th August. 

Camp Fees

Each year we have kept our camp fees as low as possible. Camp fees for 2024 are have been set at $350 +GST per scout camper., the same as last year.


All youth are required to register prior to camp. Camp fees must be paid before the camp date and our Online Registration page has more information about payment methods and dates. To be eligible to camp as either an Offer of Service (OOS), a regular camper or volunteer, you must have an active Scouts Canada registration. No exceptions.


As the VI Summer Camp covers youth from the Central Island Area, we have youth travelling from across Vancouver Island. If you have specific travel needs or can provide transport for other youth, please contact us.


The youth are organised into patrols on arrival at camp. We do our best to accommodate groups of friends but believe that meeting new people is an integral part of the experience. Youth are asked to bring their own tent which will be set up under the guidance of their Camp Counsellor.

Dietary Needs

Our team of cooks are able to cater for most dietary needs. If your child has specific needs, please let us know using the Camper Registration form. We welcome input from parents with specific dietary needs.

Offers of Service

Each year we enable older youth to register as an Offer of Service. OOS are responsible for managing the program activities and as Camp Counsellor to younger youth. As an OOS, you need to register with the camp and must be an active Scouts Canada Member. OOS will have a day of training prior to the camp where expectations are set and you can learn more about the activities and needs of the youth. OOS spaces are limited and are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.


In accordance with Scouts Canada policies, medicines for your youth should be self-managed. The camp staff are able to oversee the taking of medicines but are not responsible for the administration of medicine unless in an emergency capacity. Please contact the camp registrar for more information or if you have specific questions.