Equipment Lists

All campers will need to bring with them some essentials. The summer camp provides tents and safety equipment but there are certain personal items that you will need. To view the Equipment List click on the icon below. Please make special note of any additional personal items that are needed for the overnight trips.

Download the Equipment Kit List here:  VI Summer Camp Kit List


Cavers Equipment Kit List:  Supplemental Equipment List - Caving

We also have a list of items that are prohibited from camp. The following items are not allowed at Camp and will be confiscated and returned to the Camper at the end of Camp:


This includes personal radios, 2-way radios, MP3 players, iPods, electronic games and cell phones. We want the Scouts to enjoy being part of a community camping in the wilderness and having electronic devices are distractions and deter from the overall experience.


We know that some scouts like to stay in touch - we’ll be posting regular updates on the website and facebook page. Cell Phones are available for emergency use, so personal cell phones are not necessary at Camp.


We feed the campers well! Personal food is absolutely prohibited at Camp. We are camping in an area of wilderness where we often see wild animals including eagles, cougar and bears. Personal food items left in tents will attract wild animals.


Due to some severe food allergies, nut oil and nut based products are not allowed at Camp.


We want the Campers to have a safe and enjoyable time. Large knives, machettes and fixed blades are not permitted on site.