The backbone of Scouting, scoutcrafts are a collection of activities that take traditional scouting with a modern flair! From rope making, to patrol flags, woggle whistles, penny whistles, survival bracelets and more, scoutcrafts are an essential part of the Sumemr Camp activity program and loved by all.

The techniques used for lashing together woodne poles are brought to life by building catapaults with your patrol, launching water balloons at the leaders or lashing canoes together for catamaran races. These team-building skills-based activities take techniques learnt at troop night to a new level with a practical and fun application. Learning from the skills of those around you, campers get an understanding of different scouting techniques and come away with mementos that are treasured for years to come.

Lashing catapults to launch water balloons! Learning from others
Working as a team Making ropes