Camp Counsellors

Camp Counsellors at Summer Camp

One of the key roles at Summer Camp is the Camp Counsellor. Offer of Service youth who are Venturer age are given the opportunity to work directly with the Scouts as their Camp Counsellors. Every year we have a dynamic team of enthusiastic, organised and patient counsellors who help the youth get the most from their camp experience.

Being a Camp Counsellor, you are the first person that the youth turn to - whether they need assistance with an activity, putting up their tent, finding the washrooms or when something goes wrong. It's a big role and probably one of the most important for all the Staff.

Here are some of the things that Camp Counsellors are responsible for:

  • Ensuring the health and Safety of all Scouts and their patrol.
  • Assisting your patrol and encouraging the patrol members during events - you are their fan club! Cheer them on!
  • Make sure that the patrol is fully prepared and ready for each event - are they dressed appropriately, do they have the right equipment with them? Are they on time?
  • Helping the Patrol Leader understand their responsibilities.
  • Be aware of any medical issues in your Patrol and who to ask for assistance.
  • Helping the Patrol with the ir Patrol Log Books.
  • Letting the Patrol know where your tent is in case of an emergency at night.
  • Deal with any minor problems and letting your head counsellor know.
  • Above all, helping your patrol to stay motivated and have fun throughout their stay!

You are key to the memories that the Scouts will have for many years!

To become a Camp Counsellor, reigister using the Registration link at the top of the page and register as an Offer of Service.